Stigma-Free Society Strives for iA Financial Group’s Philanthropic 100K Donation!

We’re overjoyed to share the fantastic news! Stigma-Free Society (SFS) has been selected as one of the twelve finalists in iA Financial Group’s esteemed philanthropic contest. This remarkable opportunity offers us a chance to secure a substantial donation of up to $100,000—a game-changing step for our mission and the mental health landscape.

This isn’t just about a contest; it’s about empowering change on a national scale. With this generous support, SFS can revolutionize mental health education across Canada. The impact is immeasurable—enabling us to expand our reach, develop innovative initiatives, and create a more inclusive, stigma-free society.

Your vote holds incredible power! Head to iA Financial Group’s website  and cast your vote for Stigma-Free Society. Join us in our mission to redefine mental health awareness and ensure that no one faces the challenges of mental health issues alone.

Together, we can make a significant and lasting difference in our communities. Every vote counts!

Contest Voting and Information Available on SFS Social Media Channels:






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