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Stigma-Free Mental Health Society is a non-profit that offers educational tools and leadership that foster awareness of stigma, providing pathways to change.


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Our charity helps people achieve personal empowerment through education in schools and diverse communities. We help people understand and reduce the various types of stigmas that exist in the world.

Our programs and resources facilitate our vision of a world free of stigma where all people embrace acceptance and understanding of one another. We are building an inclusive culture where people are no longer stigmatized for any aspect of their identity.





Educate the next generation and their support system

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Offer a platform for others to share their mental health and stigma journeys

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Provide resources and peer support training to underserved rural areas


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Ending Stigma Through Education

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We offer a variety of programs designed to help you combat stigma in your community, foster inclusion and compassion, and provide the next generation with the education they need to build a Stigma-Free world.

The Stigma-Free School Program

School staff and parents/guardians use our Student Mental Health Toolkit to teach students about stigma, with a focus on mental health. Our diverse lesson plans, videos, and downloadable resources educate youth on mental health stigma as well as other types of social stigma.

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Rural Mental Wellness Program

The Rural Mental Wellness Program offers mental health related information and peer support training to those living in a rural and agricultural communities. Our Rural Mental wellness Toolkit hosts relatable inspiring stories, documentary videos and educational content related to mental health and stigma.

Stigma-Free Mental Health Society's Impact

Our Impact

programs make a difference in the lives of tens of thousands of individuals worldwide, and our impact continues to grow every year.
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Stigma-Free Mental Health Society

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