Student Mental Health Toolkit

The Student Mental Health Toolkit

The Student Mental Health Toolkit offers a variety of resources to help students improve their mental wellness and combat stigma, especially around mental health. Our resources teach students topics related to various stigmas and encourage EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) in the classroom. The Toolkit’s engaging website houses resources for youth, educators, school counsellors, parents/guardians. It is available at no cost or by donation of any amount. Browse our resources to start educating students, children, and young people in your life on mental wellbeing and stigma.

Resources Include:

Mental Wellness Lesson Plans

for Grades 4-7 and 8-12 that align with British Columbia and Manitoba school curriculum. These are cross-curricular and can be used in many course subjects.

Downloadable Resources

that provide digestible information about stigma, along with practical tips for supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Section devoted to Diverse-ability and Inclusion

with resources including an engaging comic book, personal experiences from those with diverse-abilities, and steps to achieving inclusion at school.

Engaging activities for students

including animated videos, quizzes, and comic books about mental health and the importance of reaching out for help.


What School Staff Are Saying About the Student Mental Health Toolkit:

“I have been using the Stigma Free Society Mental Health Toolkit for the past year and it has been a huge asset in my role as a school guidance counsellor. The lesson plans in the toolkit are easy to follow, student friendly and contain such important information/skills that support our students’ needs and understanding of their own mental health.”
Katherine Isfeld
Educator, Winnipeg School Division

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Schools and school districts can receive FULL and EXCLUSIVE access to all the resources in the Toolkit at no cost or donation by requesting Full-Access registration HERE.

Stigma-Free Mental Health offers schools unique programming that not only consists of a robust and engaging Student Mental Health Toolkit, but a unique offering of Virtual Stigma-Free Presentations.

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