About Our Charity

Stigma-Free Mental Health Society

Stigma-Free Mental Health Society is a registered Canadian charity that provides education about stigma with an emphasis on mental health. When The Society was founded in 2010, it was known as the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia. We changed our charity’s name to Stigma-Free Society in 2016 to expand our mission and include conversations around all forms of stigma.

Our resources support educating children and young people on mental wellbeing and stigma. In addition, we are proud to offer programs tailored for rural residents ensuring that everyone, regardless of their location, have the knowledge they need to foster a Stigma-Free community. Browse our programs to get started!

We offer anti-stigma and mental health education

to students, educators, school counsellors, and parents/guardians through our Stigma-Free Schools Program and Rural Mental Wellness Program.

Our goal is to raise awareness about stigma, provide mental health and anti-stigma education that is accessible to all people, and empower others to lead fulfilling lives regardless of their challenges.

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The Stigma-Free Mental Health Society’s Vision, Mission and Values


A world free of stigma where all people embrace acceptance and understanding of one another.


To offer educational tools & leadership which foster awareness of stigma, providing pathways to change.


Be Inclusive  –  Be Respectful
Be Inspiring  –  Be The Solution

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