Rural Mental Wellness Program

Rural Mental Wellness

Stigma-Free Mental Health Society’s Rural Mental Wellness Program aims to eliminate the mental health stigma that is prevalent in rural and agricultural areas. The program is tailored for rural residents who wish to improve their mental wellness and help others on their journey to recovery. We provide valuable tools for those dedicated to raising mental health awareness and making a difference in their communities.

Fostering Stigma-Free Rural Communities

The program offers resources that are relevant to the current challenges faced by rural residents. Our resources combat stigma with education, empowering people to foster positive change and create inclusive, compassionate rural communities.

At Stigma-Free Mental Health, we believe it is important to acknowledge people’s lived experiences of stigma in all of our endeavours. The Rural Mental Wellness Program provides a platform for individuals to share their stories and inspire hope in rural residents.

Rural Mental Wellness Program Suite

We focus primarily on delivering our rural programs within Canada, but many are available virtually worldwide.

Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit
Rural Peer Support HERO
Rural Peer Support Fundamentals Training

Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit

No-cost resources that provide mental health education for rural residents and tools to foster Stigma-Free communities.

Rural Peer Support Worker Training

Learn how to deliver effective peer support and start your own rural peer support program.

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