Educators Peer Support Fundamentals Training

Educators Peer Support Fundamentals Training

is a transformative initiative offered as part of our Stigma-Free School Program, in partnership with Sara Riel Inc. This initiative is designed to equip educators with essential knowledge and skills to create a supportive and Stigma-Free environment for students.

Through this training, educators gain a comprehensive understanding of peer support principles, techniques, and best practices. They learn effective strategies for fostering connections, promoting mental well-being, and addressing stigmas within the school community. The training emphasizes the power of peer support in reducing stigma and fostering a culture of acceptance and understanding, with a focus on mental health.

Supporting the Mental Health of Students and School Staff

The training emphasizes practical application, providing educators with the tools needed to implement peer support groups with staff in their schools. By engaging in interactive sessions, collaborative discussions, and experiential learning activities, educators develop the necessary skills to facilitate meaningful peer support interactions among students.

The Educators Peer Support Fundamentals Training not only enhances educators’ ability to support students’ mental wellness, but also empowers them to become changemakers in their school communities. Educators play a vital role in creating a lasting positive impact on student mental health and overall school culture. Our goal is to help educators nurture a supportive environment and foster strong connections among students.

Join us in implementing this groundbreaking training component of the Stigma-Free School Program. Together, let’s empower educators to foster peer support and create Stigma-Free environments where all students and school staff can thrive.

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