Stigma-Free Presenters

Our presentations

Our presentations are more than educational lectures; they are platforms for people to share their impactful stories with students. In each session, our Stigma-Free presenters talk about their personal lived experiences with stigma while covering a wide range of anti-stigma and mental health education. Their powerful, thought-provoking presentations leave lasting impressions on students. Discover more about our amazing presenters below.

Optimistic, Passionate, Purposeful
Perseverance through traumatic experiences in childhood, mental illness in families, coaching
Tenacious, Vulnerable, Warm
Ability/disability, Anxiety, Depression, De-stigmatizing therapy, Panic attacks, Learning difficulties, Mental Health and Disability stigma, Diversity/Inclusion


Unique, Creative, Caring
Dyslexia, Mean Behaviour of Others
Adventurous, Energetic, Positive
ADHD, Learning differences, IEPs, Technology Addiction & Problematic Use, Racism, Anxiety, Climate Change/ Environment.


Friendly, Athletic, Curious
Science and statistics related to mental illness, early warning signs, various ways activities can help with recovery.
Creative, intuitive, joyful
Psychology, mental health in general and depression and bulimia specifically
Compassionate, Determined, Genuine
Body Image issues, Self-Care, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Stigma, Mental Health Awareness and Bullying.
Poetic, Optimistic, Empathetic
Mental Health, Bipolar Disorder, Mania, Psychosis
Thoughtful, Patient, Reliable
Anxiety, Self-care, Mental health awareness, Burn-out, Bullying, and Stigma
Driven, Kind, Relatable
Mental health, bullying, learning disabilities, growing up in a single parent household, resilience
Creative, Imaginative, Loyal
Body Image, Anxiety, Depression, Low Self-Esteem, Social Anxiety, Racial Identity, Discrimination, Poverty, Bullying, Acceptance, Destigmatizing Shyness/Introversion
Friendly, optimistic, Genuine
Depression, Anxiety, Mental Health Stigma in School, Racial Stigma, Complicated Family Relationships.
Kind. Determined. Patient
Mental health, Anxiety, Depression, Low self-esteem, Anger issues.
Outgoing, Empathetic, Honest
Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm, Burnout, Self-Care, and Wellness.
Introverted, Compassionate, Curious
Depression, anxiety, building habits, burnout, and chronic illness/chronic pain
Dynamic, Creative, and Passionate
Complex Childhood Trauma
Compassionate, Peaceful, Joyful
Anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), disordered eating, chronic pain, physical and mental health challenges, finding peace & gratitude.
Warm, Empathetic, Dependable
Mental Health, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Burnout, Reaching Out for Help, Wellness, and Self-Compassion.

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