McDuff to the Rescue: A Discussion about Bipolar Disorder

McDuff to the Rescue: A Discussion about Bipolar Disorder

I have the biggest smile on my face right now! I just read the children's book 'McDuff to the Rescue: A Discussion About Bipolar Disorder' and it really warmed my heart. I recently received an email from the author of the book named Terry Champagne and she shared this little gem with me. The book is crafted to be appropriate for three to eleven year olds and a new book will be forthcoming pertaining to twelve to nineteen year olds.

I adore how Terry illustrates a penguin named McDuff as the pal to the very sad young girl named T.C. It is often difficult for children to understand the consequences of bipolar disorder, so I embrace such a wonderful story. I enjoy how the book emphasizes that mom's behavior is not T.C.'s fault, but it is because of an illness called bipolar disorder. The book works to explain a difficult situation to a child that ought not to be lied to or left in the dark.

Growing up with a mother that has bipolar disorder, I empathize with T.C and only wish that I knew my mom had a doctor that was looking after my mom. I never heard anything about my mother's illness until she jumped out of a car in a suicide attempt, or heard she was in the hospital yet again. Why was I not allowed to visit my mother? I still ponder this question often as an adult.

This book brings me hope that other children won't have to go through the same thing I experienced, which was confusion, fear and my own childhood depression. I remember being sad like T.C. and if only I had my own McDuff to tell me that everything will be ok.

Having mental illness in the family can cause complications in communicating the situation to the child, but Terry Champagne makes it a simple message delivered by a very loving penguin.

I also enjoy how the book offers medical and educational resources, but the most profound thing about the book is that it also supplies workbook type pages for kids to share what they are feeling about their experiences with the situation at hand.

If you are a teacher, caregiver, parent, sibling or anybody that has a child in their life, please purchase a copy by contacting Terry at: [email protected]

Terry also kindly offers a free ten minute consultation-coaching session with the book. She cares deeply about the subject and having been a teacher for several years, she understands how best to reach out to children.

Thank you Terry for introducing me to McDuff, it truly brings several tears to my eyes because I only wish I had met him sooner.


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