We Have Launched! NEW Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit

The Stigma-Free Society is proud to announce the launch of our Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit!

Individuals living in rural and agricultural communities across North America are experiencing unique challenges to their mental health. This is where the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit comes in. At The Stigma-Free Society, we are constantly striving to fill the gaps in mental health resources, provide individuals from all walks of life with the tools they need to improve their mental wellness and work at overcoming stigma.

Visit our NEW Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit HERE!

The information and resources in the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit are directly tailored to those living in rural and agricultural communities.

The extremely interactive Toolkit is broken down into different categories such as:

  • Seniors,
  • Families,
  • Youth,
  • Farmers and more!

The Society provides specialized resources and support for the unique challenges these audiences experience. The Toolkit also provides general mental wellness tips and suggestions that are relevant for anyone living in rural or agricultural communities. We are also launching a Peer Support Program Facilitator Training Program in partnership with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH where individuals living in these communities act as mental health supports for each other.

Along with our current and new partners, Stigma-Free Society hopes to reach those living in rural and agriculture communities who may be feeling alone in their mental health struggles with the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit.

We hope that by sharing stories, resources and information about mental health, we can begin the process of overcoming the stigma surrounding these issues and serve the needs of those experiencing mental health challenges living in rural and agricultural communities across Canada and beyond.

Whether you live in a rural or agricultural community, or not, we encourage you to take a look at our new toolkit! The resources provided and the stories shared exist to inspire anyone struggling with their mental health or looking to improve their mental wellness.

Thank you for your support as always!


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