VLOG: Thank you for Visiting the new Bipolar Babes Website!

VLOG: Thank you for Visiting the new Bipolar Babes Website!

Hello friends,

I want to offer you a personal thank-you and big hug for visiting our new Bipolar Babes website. As we conclude the year 2015, we have reached amazing heights with the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia with the impacting Bipolar Babes Programs. In 2009, it all began with my own quirky and fun t-shirt idea and I wanted to wear the Bipolar Babe name boldly, which was my own form of self- empowerment from stigmatizing myself for having bipolar disorder. This t-shirt provided the catalyst for great things, not only for me, but now for so many people seeking help who live with bipolar disorder and any form of mental illness.

As I reflect on our Society’s last five years of success, I am both humbled and in awe with how far we have come in regards to our growth and the ability to reach so many wonderful individuals with our message of hope and resiliency. I want to share my personal message with you today via my first vlog on bipolarbabes.com and I thank you again for your much appreciated support.

Much love to you. ~Andrea AKA Bipolar Babe


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