To Love or Not to Love: What a Ridiculous Question

To Love or Not to Love: What a Ridiculous Question

As of late, it has come to my attention that the issue of stigma runs rampant in numerous areas of society, often in relationships when a person has a disorder, disease, virus, etc.  It is amazing that you can have a beautiful and intense connection with someone and *poof* the news is shared and things change.  There is a certain uncertainty that is born and a potential relationship may often crash and burn before it even received the chance to blossom.

Having had meaningful and significant relationships, I have had a lot of time to think about these matters.  It is disheartening and horrific when one learns that they are or may be rejected on the grounds of their health.  Rumour and hearsay are two things bred out of stigma and for some reason as human beings we tend to listen to the negative stereotypes and false beliefs that are stirred often by ignorant people and mindless conversation.

There is a lot to learn when you tell a certain individual whom you care, about your health situation and you are refused a relationship with that individual.  I often tell others that I consider bipolar disorder by cursed gift.  Funny, how this disorder as many others, can bring so much despair but in the case of love, it weeds out the ones that you never were meant to be with anyway.  Listen, if someone rejects you on these grounds, then he is proving something to you.  Not necessarily that he is a bad person but that he isn't right for you in the first place.  Love is about unconditional acceptance and truly isn't the beginning of a 'loving' relationship too?  They need to accept you for who you are AND what you have.  That is the big difference that is so trite but so right!  You are defined by who you are not what you have.  I have learned this lesson many times in my life and although I don't always get what I want, perhaps there is a higher power that is ensuring that I instead get what I need.        


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