The Mental Health Commission of Canada Brings Hope!

The Mental Health Commission of Canada Brings Hope!

The Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) brings hope to many today as they release their very significant strategy for Canada and the mental health system.  Did you know that out of the first world countries, we are one of the last to have such a roadmap for mental health?  This is a pinnacle, a definite success for Canada!  Mother, father, neighbour, friend – mental health affects over one in five Canadians and costs our economy over $50 billion every year. We need a national strategy to help combat mental health problems and illness.

Changing Directions, Changing Lives is the first Canadian mental health strategy. It represents a blueprint for change and provides six strategic directions to improve mental health care in Canada. 

The report sets out six key strategic directions:

•Promote mental health across the life span in homes, schools and workplaces, and prevent mental illness and suicide wherever possible.

•Foster recovery and well-being for people of all ages living with mental health problems and illnesses, and uphold their rights.

•Provide access to the right combination of services, treatments and supports, when and where people need them.

•Reduce disparities in risk factors and access to mental health services, and strengthen the response to the needs of diverse communities and northerners.

•Work with First Nations, Inuit and Métis to address their mental health needs, acknowledging their distinct circumstances, rights and cultures.

•Mobilize leadership, improve knowledge and foster collaboration at all levels.

Do you feel we are in a movement?  I certainly do!  I am hopeful that the $4 billion allocated over a period of 10 years is a reality.  Although money alone cannot make a difference but it will help the amazing people in the mental health community that can.  Cheers to MHCC!  You are amazing former Senator Kirby for leading such an amazing initiative!  Many hugs from the babe community!!! 


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