The Green Mask Mystery

The Green Mask Mystery

 Well, get this!  As I was feeling pretty darn blue last night as you already knew, I was waiting for my beloved kitty 'Mango' to come home for a very long time!  She is usually home by 9pm, then 10, 11, 12…came along.  I surely thought she was dead.  I kept telling myself not to worry but I had this sinking and most horrible knowing that she was in harm's way.  I sat on the couch and attempted to nap and stared at the kitchen window as the cold air came rushing in.  I was not closing that window for a second.  1am, 2 , 3 and caught a couple of shut eyes but opened wide at 6AM.  Still thinking my beloved Mango was some dog's breakfast, I glanced around the bedroom and she was there under the desk!!  She must have somehow got passed me during 4-6AM and instantly I knew something was wrong.  She was under the lower part of the desk and was 'hiding'.  When cats go to die or they are sick, they cuddle into small places and want to be alone.  This was strange for Mango, always sitting on my bed and walking on my hair in the morning.  I pet and examined her and she had what appeared to be a green mask on her face.  "Anti freeze!!!!" I assumed!  Thank goodness for that emergency vet magnet I grabbed awhile ago at the Vet so I called them immediately!  I called a cab, put her in her carrier and soothed her meows all the way to the hospital.  I was nearly in tears as I handed her off to the pet doc. and was overwhelmed by my sudden emotion. 🙁 We examined the sweet manx and it appeared that all her claws were either pulled right out or scraped down to the core.  No, people did not do this.  Anti freeze was ruled out instantly and looked like my kitty may have run into some 'trauma'. It was quite possibly a grass stain causing her to pose as the green raccoon!  Boom!  X-rays 4 of them.  Her ribs are intact, she looks good…nothing here to worry about.  He tells me to leave her at the hospital for the day, some antibiotics, pain killers, IV solution and supervision for the day.  I love the idea of all of this care…I ask the inevitable question$ and he tells me, I choke then I head home.  A tree, animal attack or barely escaping a vehicle accident?  If only she could talk! I actually get home at 7AM and I surprisingly don't flop back to bed, I jump in the shower and sing "My babe is alive and in good hands!  Whoo hoo!"  I dress in some really nice hand me downs from a kind lady from work and I feel somewhat anew.  I think 'How nice of Anne to give me these clothes!' I do my homework on my lunch break and find time to buy a dress-the dress for the Evening to Inspire night at the Empress tomorrow.  I feel excited and buy an awesome pair of shoes, both second hand and both fabulous!  I am productive and dedicated to getting the task done and time just flies with my good mood and extending smile to all.  I repeat the story all day.  A friend drives me to get my baby from the vet but I have to wait 2 hours, my ride has to go and another two friends show up to finish the deal with me.  Mango is finally ready to go with loads of instructions, pain killers and antibiotics.  I see the bill, I see the bill, I see the bill, I ask for an itemized list of costs…it begins 1, 2, 3…21.  :O I suddenly regretted having purchased the dress today, I am comforted by the fact that it cost me half of what a new dress would go for.  Most of all I was super grateful that I had enough in my entire savings to cover the cost.  I do have to say though, it is highway robbery!  She probably would have licked her wounds clean under the desk  and we could have called it a day.  Still, we are marked as cruel or inhumane by others, but mostly by ourselves for not paying for a service that =love.  I realized I am very grateful to have Mango and will never ever ever let her leave the house ever again!  I heard there is a site on how to make the indoor cats life more enriched, we will be doing that together and I will be spending less time on the computer. Strange.  Most would expect me to lose it and fall apart today-I mean I would have thought this.  I think my flat lined state somehow eased my emotions during the entire ordeal.  Last night as I lay on the couch waiting for her to come home I could feel my body trying to surge the ol stomach flip, but flat line would not have it.  The only ounce of emotion was when I dropped a tear in the vet's office at 6am.  Not bad! Two hours of sleep and here I am writing this BLOG.  Amazing, could it be this horrid and scary event has lurched me out of my flat line?  As Mango nearly flattened her own line, it somehow brought me back to life. Go figure.  Love you Mangs!  To 21 and onward!  8.5 lives will get you there safely!  🙂


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