Teens2Twenties is an Amazing Space for Laughter, Friendship and Managability

Teens2Twenties is an Amazing Space for Laughter

It seems things have been winding down a bit for the Teens2Twenties Bipolar Babe group.  It is amazing how I have seen these young people grow and move along to new ventures.  One of our teens recently got accepted into the Vancouver Film School while another one is gearing up for an application to Emily Carr.  I have seen youth having to leave the group due to having to concentrate on schooling and others are permanent residents, but only a few remain.  I am recruting new youth for the group for anyone that has ANY mental health condition and is in their twenties or teens. 

Why come to the group?  It is a place of friendship where young people identify and bond with eachother.  We talk about ways to manage eachother's lives and to live healthy while having a mental health condition.  We brief eachother on our past week and talk about the things that have delighted or challenged us.  It is not a place of negativity but instead a focus on the positive things that can make life whole and meaningful.

If you are interested in cheaking out a session at the Blanschard Community Centre, Wednesdays, 7-8:30, please contact Andrea at [email protected].  Thanks for reading, we always appreciate your support.

Love, Babe



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