Here it is nearly 1AM and I am writing a BLOG to all of you who care to read it, hopefully someone is…lol  I realized a lot of things tonight and from recent days past.  I sometimes complain about the weather, and others are bored with their jobs, but I see the sunshine in most things.  I work for the government and we have clients, many that do not have homes.  When I was in Ottawa and was diagnosed and hospitalized, I really had nowhere to go for awhile.   No friends, home or family nearby.  It is during those times that I felt the most alone and years have past and I will always be grateful for the beauty I have created in my life.  My friends are magnificent, many whom are working on this project and my relationship with my family is close and comforting.  I have a beautiful little place to call home and an adorable cat who loves me.  My job pays well and they appreciate me, and the people I work with are really cool indeed.  If we truly look at our lives we can feel the sunshine in something.  I don't find comfort in that it could possibly be worse, but that there always some good and the things that are not so great will always pass.  We are able to wholly create our future with choice.  I have been around people that criticize others for the way they looked or other factors about their character and I would always defend and get personally offended.  I believe we all come from the same place, bipolar, Asian, pregnant, chubby, whatever!  Let's just be bright and warm and try to understand each other.  If we leave our judgements aside it would not only be freeing, but would certainly make our world a much happier place to dwell with one another.  I do love and I am grateful for my life and what I have created as the possibilities are endless and realize that breakdowns are opportunities for breakthroughs.  I may have said that b4 but it is true.  I suggest look for the ray of sunshine and while you are at it why not share it with another?  Besides who doesn't love nice weather? XO Babe


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