People, even those that care about you, may think that because you have bipolar disorder, you are weakened by it.  In a difficult situation you will falter and shatter under the pressure.  Let me tell you…THIS IS NOT TRUE! 

I am actually going through one of the toughest times in my life right now and how do I feel?  Actually okay.  Perhaps even well.  I am a newly single babe and as he moves his things out of what was once was our home, I am mortified that it is happening but at the same time feeling quite relieved.  I have been making a bit of a journey on facebook documenting my new single life.  My first new living room up-do with the fabulous table and rug that I purchased off Used Victoria.  I also made my first meal and snapped a pic of my amazing chicken salad.  He did all the cooking, which led me to somehow believe that I couldn’t cook and obviously I was wrong.  I just think it is a waste of time and would rather be at a restaurant.  😉

Under great pressure to fill up my apartment I set out to find a bed frame, not only do I find one, but a beautiful 4-post wood frame.  I went to see it and realized it was actually 'made' by the owner and he had his own system of putting it together.  Match up the numbers on each of the 4 sides.  Easy enough right?  I hauled a ton of bed frame into my truck and proceeded to bring it home.  After lugging the materials into my new bedroom to be, I began putting the bed together by myself.  This is NO IKEA furniture, this is the real thing babe!  I really sweated and nearly cried out of frustration, but managed after 2 hours to put the whole thing together.  It is a bit wobbly so my friend is going to come and tighten the screws up for me since I only had a pair of pliers to do the job.  😛  I have cleaned my house for hours beyond to the end of time and then finding it hard to sleep because I have racing thoughts.  Am I in Mania?  Hypo-mania?  Maybe, but this energy and drive to get things done is actually helping me through this ridiculously difficult time.  I am just like others that are determined, they call those people ambitious and I guess they would just call me manic.   Who are 'they' anyway?  I call it working hard to move on and succeeding.

Anyway, as I sit here alone writing this BLOG I realize how darn lucky I am.  I want to thank all of you out there that love Bipolar Babe because in doing that you touch my heart profoundly.  I know that I am always loved and a large part of that is because of you and for that I am very grateful.       


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