Stomping out Complacency

Stomping out Complacency


Today was one the best brainstorming days that I have had in a long-time!  I was sitting with my best-friend Jen and we were discussing our futures.  This also included a conversation of where our lives were now.  Although I adore stomping out stigma in classrooms and weeding out negativity in teen support groups – there has to be more!  We came up with the most amazing ideas!  Bipolar Babe’s ‘Building Blocks’  (Workshops) or Stigma Stomping Sessions with Bipolar Babe.  We also brainstormed the prospect of adding adult peer support services to the mix and there is so much more that is being stirred up in the pot of idea stew! I also realized that I want to make Bipolar Babe my full-time career and in doing this I/we need to create create create!!!   I don’t think I wanted it bad enough up until now, but I now realize that if I work toward this goal, the sky is the limit-no matter how trite it sounds, it is true!

I also learned that without making the right decisions in my personal life, my professional life would suffer regardless.  I have decided to make the difficult decisions now and reap the rewards of what they can bring into my life at a later time.  I am learning so much about myself that I can now say I am on ‘the path’, a path to self-sufficiency, self-love and self-worth.

Jen, thank you for taking the time to dream with me today.  You know how to dream big.  Life is so beautiful and sometimes it takes a friend to remind you.  For this and you, I am grateful.

Bipolar Babe XO


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