Stigma Stomp Day

Stigma Stomp Day

Wow!  What can I say but magnificent!  Friday was Stigma Stomp Day created by Team Eventus-Leadership Victoria partnered with Bipolar Babe.  It was amazing to see 300 people wearing stomp-babe t-shirts united together for one cause.  I was pleased to give a small speech but even more delighted to introduce Jenny and Cara  to the stage!  Their stories warmed and touched my heart.

I was so impressed with the different skills of Team Eventus.  Sarah B. was always so cheerful and eager for my input; Nicola was strategic and a get things done kinda gal; Michael was funny and brought a certain touch to the activities; Sharlene really showed her leadership skills and was a great chair to the meetings; Michelle was to the point and very professional; and lastly Sarah H. was quite the amazing coach.  They worked so hard to make this happen, I was merely on the sidelines, making recommendations, arrangements or giving advice, but this event was born because of them.  The board at the bipolar disorder society of BC is thankful and ever so grateful for your contribution to us and to the world at large. 

Stigma generally exists in the world due to a lack of understanding and knowledge and Team Eventus and Bipolar Babe really did some amazing sharing on this special day.  Danny the Intern from 107.3 KOOL FM was so touched from stories that he had tears in his eyes and did a group huddle with the youth after their speeches.  I also saw another young man crying after Jenny divulged about her past anorexia and bipolar issues.  I gave him a BIG hug and his tears subsided.  The day was one to remember.

More exciting news…May have 3 more teens2twenties youth to take part in our group.  Two whom I met through the event!  Just a call out to keep the word going that this group exists and we are here to help our teens manage their lives.  It is a place of healing but also of fun! 

Well, it is a BEAUTIFUL day outside and I am getting off my laptop now to enjoy it, you should do the same!  Much Love, Bipolar Babe  


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