Sometimes we forget those closest to us…

Sometimes we forget those closest to us...

It is funny how quite often we tend to forget to praise and recognize those closest to us.  I had a particular man come into my life, nearly right from the dawn of Bipolar Babe…he never even met me and offered me his services, his office, ink from his printer, down to anything I needed to make it happen for the kids!  He overwhelmed me with his passion and generosity, I really did not think people like him existed.  I met with this fellow and he was shaky and meek but very keen to help me and Depressed Diva out.  His heart was in the right place and I was happy to have him aboard.  He told me that since being part of Bipolar Babe he now feels a spark in his life, like he is eager to push on with things.  He has created a marketing strategy and we have started to execute it by meeting with Alan Rycroft from the Kool Aid Society and he brought me to REES.  Even though he had been feeling quite bothered by his bipolar disorder he pushed on taking me around and helping me build valuable networks.  He is pulling together information to help Bipolar Babe thrive with possible funding and I know he will be key in helping me with the upcoming fundraiser.  This gentleman calls himself old and useless when he has been dedicated and amazingly reliable.  He is a key team player and I don't know where Bipolar Babe would be without him.  He is such an asset and his contribution helps further the cause for the kids and for that we are all grateful! This man's blog can be found here:  You can purchase his book here: Patrick Schnerch is a fabulous writer and has several published books, one that I am reading now and it is more raw and real than anything I have ever read – it is a piece of courage and hope.  He is a 'peaceful warrior' that is often sensitive and is way too hard on himself.  He does not see how talented he really is and how much I admire his awesome perseverance in life.  I just wish he would realize that his contribution in this world and to the bipolarbabe project is valuable and priceless and I love and appreciate him.  I look forward to having him on new tasks while recognizing his own efforts to complete yet another book in October.  He is interviewing me for the book and I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to help him further his own activist causes. I apologize to Patrick that I did not write this sooner.  I sometimes get caught up in all the amazing things happening in my life and tend to think that people just know how important they are to me, so now you know Patrick, Bipolar Babe loves ya and looks forward to pursuing the fight against stigma with you to make this world an accepting and understanding place to be for the youth and for everyone!  It has just begun and you and I are doing this together! Much Love xo     ~BABE


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