It's for the Kids! Crystal Meth Prevention Society

Wow!  Life has been fabulous!  It has been a whirlwind of meetings, people and meeting people!  Bipolar Babe is booming!  Today, I attended a very interesting and moving Annual General Meeting tonight at the Crystal Meth Prevention Society.  I never knew such a group existed and here I am a confirmed paid member of this amazing Society as of tonight! 

The Crystal Meth Society of BC is a registered charity that aims to reduce the spread of crystal meth use in all communities through education and outreach support efforts. The Society is committed to the expansion of treatment options for community members, in particular youth, through fundraising efforts. I was moved, touched and inspired by the presenter and founders-Mark Mclaughlin and Ruth Mclaughlin who both held a strong and warm demeanour this evening.  Mark has shown his presentation meth prevention movie to more than 45,000 kids on the island and lower mainland and I was lucky enough to catch a preview tonight.  The movie mentioned a young man who had lost his life to meth in 2002 and I was extremely overwhelmed with sadness this evening.  Although it has been 7 years, it must seem like yesterday for the people who loved this individual.   The Crystal Meth Society has sparked a movement in their and others' hearts that will continue to heal and save the lives of others for countless years to come.  Every day they raise $, seek board members, advocate and educate the world to create a safer and more hopeful world for all of us.   I am going to meet with the Society's President, Don Monsour and share meaningful and creative ideas for the Crystal Meth Prevention Society and Bipolar Babe.  Their group is based on student education and I too will be super hero stomping into the gymnasiums speaking to hundreds of students all over BC.  I would be thrilled to speak to Mark about his experiences and I am open to learn from him and I too can bounce some new and innovative ideas off of them for consideration!  I just know that a meeting between us will create amazing synergy as mental health issues and addictions are so closely intertwined and with our intense passion, magic is possible! It was mentioned tonight that consuming meth is often a sure way to trigger a psychotic episode and it contributes to an intense deterioration of the mood balancing abilities in your brain.  Quite often, youth and others who experience symptoms of a mental illness turn to drugs like meth to ease their anguish and pain, but little do they know that in making this decision they have only thrown themselves into a dangerous cycle of self medication, which surely ends in destruction and death. The Crystal Meth Prevention Society and Bipolar Babe are educating our youth to help kids make healthy and informed choices to create a safe and accepting world for all.  Please check out their site and join the cause!  Its for our kids!


*HUGS ~Babe


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