Go Easy on Yourself!

Go Easy on Yourself!

Sometimes I find myself overwhelmed, tired, possessing a lack to do very much.  I think no matter who we are, we often feel this way…it is nothing to get down about or certainly beat yourself up.  In this society we often feel down on ourselves because we are not producing effectively and getting things done according to plan.  I feel we need to offer ourselves a little bit of flexibility and be generous in our time management.  It seems we often get so down on ourselves when we find we are in the midst of chaos, and that will look differently for everybody.  I am currently working on a Masters degree, working full time at a new job and running a potential non-profit society.  I don't find myself too overwhelmed but look to the future for new possibilities that I can create in my life and strive for avenues that will enhance my ability to envision opportunities that exist for the long term.  People always say 'live for the present' which agreeably denotes being present in your current surroundings but it is vital to live into your future and seek ways to motivate yourself in the present to awaken what lies down the road subsequent to the work you put into today.  That is how I live life and it seems to be working thus far, so I thought I would share this perspective with you.  We are not super heroes, we are human so remind yourself of that when you feel you are letting yourself down.  Go easy on yourself! Much love, BABE xo


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