Full Time Life

Full Time Life

Here I am…TIRED.  I am not sure why?  It must be from my bustling social life and my full time work schedule.  It’s amazing I am off Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefits from work and as I said on ‘full time’.  I am quite proud of myself considering that I was months ago working 3 days a week for 3 hours a day.  I have been so lucky to have wonderful disability case workers both at Great West Life and at the government.  They never rushed me, never contributed to my stress, and were always encouraging me to do the best that I possibly could.  It took a long time to excel at a back to work schedule and for anyone doing this out there, it is possible to return to work – full time.  I know this! 

The President of the Society, Rachel and I recently showcased the Bipolar Babe project at the McPherson Theatre in Victoria, BC.  There was a concert put on by musicians from Africa and they were AMAZING!  They were there to raise $ for the Saanich Rotary Club who funds several international and domestic causes.  They wanted a grassroots organization and the Bipolar Disorder Society was a perfect fit.  We met several good contacts and a potential Teens2Twenties recruit. 

I have been ‘OK’ emotionally, crying a bit here and there over falsified memories, regrets, and pure loss.  I don’t miss who he is, but who I thought him to be.  It is such a shame.  Still, I never faltered and I never broke.  I managed to take on a new job and survive a horrific break up.  I even transitioned to full time during this difficult time.  The bipolar babe does have mental strength – DO I EVER BABY!       

Here’s a clip I like about work and mental health, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30PE-En55Sg&feature=related

Remember you are strong and amazing and never let anyone tell you otherwise.  In time you will heal and so shall I! heart


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