Embracing the Amazing Work that We Do!

Embracing the Amazing Work that We Do!

I recently received an award from the National Council in Las Vegas, NV and spent four days taking in the sights and attending the awards ceremony.   As I heard and watched the various stories unfold I could hardly believe that I was picked amongst the highly regarded nominees.  Some of these people were doing amazing things, and many were doing work in the mental health field in the name of a loved one that had committed suicide.  I then remembered that I was there for being strong and taking on the challenges that came my way too.  We sometimes forget that we are worthy of recognition and like myself, get embarrassed or shy when being recognized.  I am learning that after four years of advancing my work, it is okay to accept recognition and know that my contribution to the cause is valuable.  Still, having my name is lights and delivering an acceptance speech was a little daunting but I feel I did a pretty darn good job.  You can view my acceptance speech here: http://www.bipolarbabe.com/movies/bipolar-babes-speech-national-councils-awards-ceremony-0

It is my dream to become full time Executive Director and I require sponsorship to make this a reality.  I am hoping that in receiving this award that someone will aid me in my quest for full time employment and support all of the amazing work that we do.  I trust the right events will unfold. 

I am so in awe when I think of the early days.  Bipolar Babe was but a t-shirt idea and a website and now we are on stage for receiving amazing recognition in the international community.  I am humbled and grateful and can't help but remain a tad timid, but I am truly embracing of the fact that the society is doing some AMAZING work!!!  HUGS to all!  Thank you to everyone that supports! 


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