Embracing all that is Uncertain and Temporary..then we can Truly Begin to Live

Embracing all that is Uncertain and Temporary..then we can Truly Begin to Live

As of late, I have been pondering and accepting that life is uncertain on so many fronts, not just for those who have a mental illness. Relationships fail, finances falter, our health fades and the certainty of life that we once believed in seems to unravel as we spiral through life.

Why the Ponder Things Uncertain?

As I manage our Charity, the Bipolar Disorder Society of British Columbia (BDSBC), I have realized that I have gotten myself into an uncertain situation. This is not necessarily a negative thing. There are no guarantees of financial gains and the journey is wholly entrepreneurial in many senses. I left my government job over one year ago, and people often wonder why I gave up such a secure and financially viable position. I was simply not happy and life is too valuable to be unchallenged and unmotivated. I tell myself that I can do all I am able with the abilities that I possess. Still I believe my future is not mine to determine and I can plan for everything and anything in all aspects of my life, but life itself often has other plans.

There will be Great Rewards 

Life is undetermined and unpredictable, and we have to accept that there will be pain and pitfalls, but more wonderfully there will be great rewards. I am in the classrooms educating youth on mental health and molding young minds, facilitating healing and growth in support groups, and doing the everyday work to keep this Society reputable and viable. It is the first time in my life where work does not feel like work. I wake up every day and know that my “work” day will be rewarding and fulfilling. There is always one more hand to hold through a tough time or at a hospital visit, another person to encourage, and most of all, the hopes of saving another life by simply providing the services we offer to the people who need it most. We recently published our BDSBC Annual Report, and as I read it, I see the smiling members of the Board on the pages, and I am touched, moved and inspired by the people that care about the Society. It is even more touching to know they truly believe in me.

Approaching the Uncertain with Open Arms

Whether you are starting up a new business or a non-profit, selling or buying your home, taking a chance on a new love or filing for divorce, we must embrace that everything is uncertain, and every single thing we see, touch, hear or feel is temporary. It will all fade, falter and cease to exist one day, and yes, so will all of us. I make this statement to encourage you to really live, to make sure you write that book you have been putting off for years, make that return phone call to your mother when she has already called twice that day, embrace your pet and spend time playing with them, and please do lean over to your partner’s ear and tell them that you love them tremendously.

When we embrace all that is temporary and uncertain, then we can all truly begin to live.


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