Doing it for the Kids!

Doing it for the Kids!

 As many of you know I have been pondering whether to incorporate and become a nonprofit organization or remain a project for now.  I filled out all the paper work but something inside me was telling me to slow down…I tend to like things now now now!!  Then I slowed down a little tonight and met a lady named Lisa for a chai latte.  The moment I saw her I felt a sense of calm and her smile shared sincerity.  She locally leads The FORCE Society for Kids' Mental Health This woman is AMAZING!!  Talk about living your life for a cause!!  Her dedication is admirable and with her personal experience of having children who have mental health issues, she took a difficult situation and found creative and meaningful ways to accommodate and help her children to live a plentiful and successful life.  She realized the value in reaching out to other parents and after years of selfless work for the cause of children and mental health, she is now contracted by FORCE to do what she loves-education and advocacy.  She is a wealth of information and knows the system inside and out.  It is so impressive!  As I listened to her share her story, I felt a certain authenticity that is so often absent.  I felt her passion and resilience and then I thought she reminded me of someone…me.  As we bounced off a gazillion ideas we were overwhelmed by the awesome impact that we could create together in the world of youth.  She absolutely loves Bipolar Babe and is offering me much needed help through invitations to make meaningful connections and has highlighted how our work could compliment each other.  She feels like an angel and I committ to help her so that we can further the cause together.  With education stigma will cease to exist! It's for the kids!


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