Oh my!  I have not written in so long.  I do deeply apologize.  I suppose I have been feeling a little uninspired, the flat line has seemed to crept back into my life a little, but not with some amazing times of contentment in between.  🙂  So someone asked me today, what do you do if you get a phone call from a friend and they tell you that they are deeply concerned about their friend who has bipolar disorder.  For instance, he is doing very strange things like running down the street with no shoes on for no apparent reason or they thought it was a good idea to visit the neighbour naked.  It may seem funny at times, peculiar and maybe even very odd but one has to take some serious steps to help that person, the someone they care about very much.  So what can you do?  Here in Victoria we have what is called the NEED crisis line and I have used it to rescue a few folk that have gone over the deep end.  I have just discovered that both the 24 hour line and the Youth Line are now closed.  Please call The Vancouver Island Crisis Line for service.  1-888-494-3888.  These people are great at pointing you in the right direction on next steps.  People always come to me for crisis information but the best is to talk to people that are trained in this area.  Quite often people who are having issues with a mental illness will go to the hospital with the right person, and that person is often someone they love and trust.  When addressing someone about going to the hospital, best not to tell them something is 'wrong' with them.  It is best to express yourself in a caring and non-judgemental manner and say that you are concerned and you want them to see a doctor to put yourself at ease, then ask them to attend the hospital with you so they have a hand to hold while in emergency.  Out of all the chaos, sometimes a very cool, calm and caring person can make the most bizarre and sometimes scary situation right.  Never be afraid to ask for help and gather the troops of  people who care about the one that is in distress.  Even when you are the most frustrated remember, it is not the person that is meaning to act out they way they are but an illness that has taken over them.  Be strong and know there is always a next step and in reaching out you are finding out exactly what that is.  🙂  HUGS!  BABE  🙂


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