Brand New Chick

Brand New Chick

It has been awhile, but here I am, feeling fabulous!  My health has been stable, feeling level, calm and brand new.  I recently had a psychiatrist appointment and it was amazing to not share the tragedies of my life but highlighting all the great things that have been happening.  I received a cheque in the mail the other day and it was $220!  It is not only amazing when unexpected money shows up for you but, it was for a very special reason.  I am getting PUBLISHED!  Awhile ago I wrote a piece of work and it was about my positive experiences while living with bipolar disorder.  I wrote about my doctor and how awesome he has been to me and about creating the most amazing project ever-bipolar babe.  Well Brindle and Glass Publishing liked it and it will be part of an anthology coming in 2012!

As many of you know babe has been recently singled out-to be single.  How am I handling things?  Well there are certain people that thought I would be devastated and I was, but I kept on my med regime, my sleep was plentiful (but not too much) and I ensured to surround myself with positive uplifting people.  It is amazing how much better you feel when you are not with someone that disappoints, discourages and lets you down and puts you down all the time.  I am learning to count on myself, be strong and enjoy my time alone, but I am finding I am not alone all that much anymore.  Too often we get caught up in negative relationships and forget who we really are, spending too much time making the other person happy, forgetting about your own needs.  Even though the pangs of lies still tear at my heart at times, I notice that after 6 weeks, the blues have lifted and well…I am able to write again.  I can look myself in the mirror knowing that this was the RIGHT decision and it will only enrich my life.

I have been listening to Anjulie's news song: Brand New Chick and it really shares how I am feeling and my new outlook on life.  Here in the main chorus:

Ohh been feeling so fly, since you’ve been gone
My face to the sky, sunglasses on
Turnin up the beat so sick
I’m like a brand new chick

I listen to it in the morning when I am getting ready for work, when I get home and while I am chillaxin in the evening.  It doesn't get tired or boring.

That is how I feel.  Ohhhh…and another thing, I bought out my ex for the pathfinder!  The baby is mine!  Yeah, things are good, my job rocks too, my boss is hip and on my side.  I am blessed.  Love you all!  BABE xo



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