Bipolar Babe Women's Peer Support

Bipolar Babe Women's Peer Support

I am so inspired right now and I want to share my experience tonight with the bipolar babe women’s peer support group.  We have been hosting the support group for the past few months and it began with a call out to any and all participants who have a mental illness.  To my delight eight amazing women responded to the call and then more women with a mental health condition came to the group over time.  The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC named it the ‘women’s peer support group’ formed in Victoria, British Columbia.  As we all shared the story of our week, the room radiated with positivity and excitement.  One woman obtained two new jobs which she had been striving for during the past months and another woman shared her personal journey of leaving an abusive relationship and has been shining ever since.  I truly see a significant impact in the lives of these women and it is truly  an honour to be facilitating the group.  The women’s peer support group meets every Tuesday at 7-8:30 PM at the Blanshard Community in Victoria, BC.  Come and check us out or preferably contact Andrea AKA Bipolar Babe for more information at: [email protected] HUGS XO


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