Bipolar Babe Benefit – Afterglow

Bipolar Babe Benefit - Afterglow

I have to say "WOW!"  A night of bliss, fun, and all around amazingness.  We held the Bipolar Babe Benefit show with a total of 50 babe volunteers.  The team effort took a lot of stress off my shoulders and created an environment of manageability and balance.  It was quite the experience to strut my stuff wearing the Bipolar Babe superhero outfit, walking on a runway while being encouraged loudly by the crowd.  The whole experience was therapeutic, exhilarating,  and magical.

Diane Pancel sang an amazing opening song inspiring the crowd with her awesome vocals.  She was followed by Stand Up for Mental Health comedian Josh Zed, loved his great take on the super hero trio!  🙂  The night followed by the Hair and Costume Show sponsored by the Hair Garden Salon and Victoria Costumes.  Depressed Diva, Borderline Belle and Anxiety Angel were stunning followed by Hope, Love and Gratitude.  I finished off the show moving us along to the 'Stigma Stomp'.  It was just perfect feeling the energy from the crowd as the enthusiasm was intense!

I just want to thank everyone that attended last night as I could really feel the love in the room.  I felt so comfortable speaking from the heart and as I mentally let go of the piece of paper in my hand, I was able to truly be me.  It feels wonderful to just myself and be at peace with that.  Thank you for being so supportive of me and most especially to the cause.

The cause is what I was aiming to bring into the room with my speech.  It felt wonderful to speak about my mother, but to also recognize how important it is for families to communicate and talk about things like a mental illness of a parent, son or daughter.  I believe it begins with our youth as they are open, blossoming and still forming their opinions.  If we reach them with a story of someone who has a lived experience of having a mental illness then perhaps it would have a positive impact, even a very vital one.  It is those conversation free of stigma that we ought to share with each other that will move us forward in this world, specifically to a place that is understanding, loving, empathetic and most of all truly empathetic.  


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