Awesome Community

Awesome Community

Community is a beautiful thing here in Victoria BC.  Being the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC has been wonderful over the past year despite my health pitfalls.  We have had links with REES, the Umbrella Society: A Resource for Addictions and Mental Health, the Mental Health Task Force and the Nursing Department at the University of Victoria, the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society, the FORCE Society for Kids Mental Health, among many others. The Accent Inn on Cloverdale and Blanschard here in Victoria ( is letting us use their Mayfair room to host our monthly meeting for March 2011.  The hotel is well known in Victoria for doing food drives over Christmas with other organizations and donated a hotel package to the Second Annual Bipolar Babe Benefit!  We are grateful for their genuine contribution and the positive part they play in the community especially their community relations manager John Espley.  We hope to partner more with these stars in the future 🙂 I cannot stress how important it is that we all work together on the issues at hand, very valuable and vital issues as we are in the business of helping those that need it most.  It seems a lot of times fears can get in the way such as fearing that one organization is going to get more money than another, that we are competitors.  I feel it is time to dispel such unwarranted thoughts and the focus has to be on serving an amazing population who need our services and we ought to be doing it graciously.  I am so grateful to be part of a community that has supported the Bipolar Babe Program right from the start, even when we were just a wee babe.  Thank you all for believing in us, our gratitude is endless. The Bipolar Disorder Society of BC    🙂


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