An Amazing Bipolar Babe Day

An Amazing Bipolar Babe Day

Today was an amazing day!  Over the past two days I have conducted four presentations totaling over 140 students.  It has been quite the feat to take on such a task but I feel I have handled it with ease and I have been truly enjoying doing what I do best – being the stigma busting bipolar babe.  I was in awe with the written feedback from the kids today.  Especially the feedback that was given by one young girl who shared that her Aunt has bipolar disorder.  She wrote that she better understands what her loved one has been going through now and she feels more empathetic and understanding of her Aunt’s situation.  She also shared that she has never been more inspired by a presenter before and she admired my courage and bravery.  Hearing this from a 16 year old year truly made my day.

Another young girl also contacted me from the local youth psych ward and requested to see me.  I had spent some time with her previously but did not hear back for a week or two and I was disappointed as I felt we really connected but there was no follow up.  When I heard her smiling voice tonight asking me to have another visit with her, I was more than touched.

The night was topped off by facilitating the women’s group and we had two new participants attend.  It was amazing to hear each woman share about their week.  It is times like these when I am so grateful that the Bipolar Disorder Society of BC exists.  The demand for the women’s group has been impressive.  There are new faces rotating through the group every week and tonight was simply wonderful.

I am so blessed, happy and grateful for all those that I have shared my story with and thankful to those that have touched my life immensely.    



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