A Rapid Cycle Needs Belly fit!

A Rapid Cycle Needs Belly fit!

Things have been a rapid cycle lately.  I feel up then down, up then down.  It is not just a down that can be explained by calling it the ‘blues’ but something that feels much worse.  My hypo-mania highs allow me to be productive at times and I feel, what I interpret as normal for awhile, but then it always plummets.  I have been managing to go to work and attend to a real life outside work, hanging out with my wonderful and uplifting boyfriend, visiting with friends, and exercising at the Base Lounge downtown.  Alice has created this wonderful exercise routine called ‘Bellyfit’ and the only way that I can describe it is that it is much more than just belly work.  It is a core workout infused with international dance such as African, modern and Latino; it is a fusion experience created to mesh with a finishing touch of refreshing yoga.  This has been the most helpful addition to my support system, exercising regularly.  I suffered from depression for 3 months but feel a little better to pick up this hobby again!  This time I have committed to no matter what to stick to it!  Exercise is so important and vital for someone that has bipolar disorder.  At times we may feel apart from this world but we have to try and feel our best because what other way is there to go but down…the important thing is that we try!  Get fit or even bellyfit, and get up!!



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