A Quote to Ponder

A Quote to Ponder

I read the coolest quote the other day, it stated: "Beginnings are usually scary and endings are usually sad, but it's everything in between that makes life worth living."  It rings true in several senses as I embark on many new beginnings.  I am igniting the Teens2Twenties group and aiming to create a new one in the Westshore.  My boyfriend is moving in this Sunday.  Starting a new medication regime…and many more beginnings seem to be surfacing.  Although at times I feel afraid, wondering if all will work out, however, I am more hopeful and very excited as things unfold. 

For myself, endings are often sad.  The end of my last relationship seemed 'sad' but ended up being one of the best things for me.  The end of a friendship can be devastating, but sometimes you are forced to let go for your own well being and happiness. 

The stuff in between IS the best and from the time that I was born, until the day that I die, I will work to enjoy my entire life.  It comes down to choices.  Will I work the hardest to ensure that I am healthy, make choices that serve others and myself, and I have to ensure that I don't regret the choices that I do make.  I don't ever want to leave a true friend behind, or fear that my next relationship won't work out.  I need to stand still and embrace all that I have created in my life.  I am so blessed to be Bipolar Babe and know that without the diagnosis 9 years ago, none of these accomplishments would be possible.  I cannot loathe about what I have, but know who I am and be at peace with this thought…always.  XO 🙂  BABE


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