A Poem from a 17 year girl Living with Bipolar Disorder

A Poem from a 17 year girl Living with Bipolar Disorder

I thank this young woman for her contribution to the Bipolar Babes website and sometimes we have to really feel the darkness to appreciate the light. Sometimes, it is okay to not be okay…


The seed

depression is a small black seed
amongst the vast garden of windflowers we call our brains
the seed plants its roots
and drains the garden of light
it takes every ray for itself
while it’s darkness seethes
and seeps
and blocks out the sun
the flowers start to wilt
as the garden now knows
there’s death taking over
the seed grows into a weed
and the weed works tirelessly
to grip
and rip
every petal
while each flower fights
to keep its roots alive
once a endless field of light
and new birth
the oasis of the mind
is now poisoned and polluted
with a thick fog of black
that coats even the most exquisite
of plants
if only
we could feel the sun
they thought

Author, Anonymous


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