A Personal Kick in the Butt

A Personal Kick in the Butt

Quite interesting times these days.  I have done a complete overhaul as of late such as: exercising, eating healthy, routine sleeping and routine meds, and wow… I feel amazing in such a short amount of time.  I have been fairly good about the sleeping and medication but I took my health a bit further and hired a personal trainer over the weekend.  Her name is Jannine Murray from http://janninemurray.com   I am so excited to commence on a healing and healthy journey but also to get my butt whooped into shape in no time flat.  I often worry about working out as it has triggered mild psychosis in the past, but I recently had my medications increased and I feel so much better.  It’s all about finding the right cocktail and frankly I am excited to see the results that I can produce with a lot of ambition and perseverance.  I have always wanted to have a fit bod, not just to look good physically, but it will no doubt contribute to a strong and active mind.  I have never really exercised for a long period of time and it will be interesting to see what results Janine and I can produce together.  Yes, I am scared but more excited to see what will become of all these positive changes in my life.  Wish me luck!  XO 


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