School and Community Presenter

Meet Joesh

Adventurous, Energetic, Positive


Some strengths I have as a speaker include fearlessness, confidence and positivity. My speaking is very energetic, and I love storytelling. I also know how to engage youth through humour.

Presentation Topics:

ADHD, Learning differences, IEPs, Technology Addiction & Problematic Use, Racism, Anxiety, Climate Change/ Environment.

3 ways to describe your talk:

  • Inspiring
  • Perspective-shifting
  • Educational

Presenters are chosen at random to allow for equitable participation in our program.

Joesh is a 15-year old school presenter for Stigma-Free Mental Health. He is very passionate about sports and plays a lot of them, his favourites are soccer, basketball, and football. Joesh is extremely passionate about ADHD and learning differences and how we as a society can be more aware of them. Joesh does not see these as a disorder but as more of a benefit and how we can effectively utilize ADHD and learning differences in our school systems. As someone who has both ADHD and the learning difference of written output, Joesh wants to inspire and educate young minds about what it’s like to live life with these and why it is important in our communities.

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