School and Community Presenter

Meet Gia

Unique, Creative, Caring


I believe I am a caring and thoughtful presenter. I spent a lot of time and thought on my presentation to make it very helpful for other children and even teachers.

Presentation Topics:

Dyslexia, Mean Behaviour of Others

3 ways to describe your talk:

  • Relatable
  • Brave
  • Hopeful

Presenters are chosen at random to allow for equitable participation in our program.

Gia is a young girl with a big heart and unique mind. She believes her dyslexia is a gift that gives her the ability to see the world in a different, exciting and refreshing way. For example, she likes to combine, flip and make up words. Gia is a “possibiltarian” – someone who believes in possibilities! Gia is a senior volunteer with Dolphin KIDS: Future-ready Leaders where she helps teach younger children important social, emotional and innovation skills. She is passionate about nature, team sports, art & science. Gia’s motto is “work hard, think positive, make the world a better place & have fun!” She would love to talk to your school about dyslexia, how she overcame the stigma of a learning difference, and why it is now her great gift!

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