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CFAX 1070 - Back To School Checklist With Andrea Paquette
CHEK Media Podcasts - School and Classroom supports with Andrea Paquette of Stigma-Free Society
CFAX 1070 - Mental Health Matters with Andrea Paquette, Mental Health Episode
Champions of Wellness Podcast - Guest Andrea Paquette and Jason Finucan
People First Media - The Stigma-Free COVID-19 Youth Wellness Tool Kit
CFAX 1070 - Bell Let’s Talk Day 2020: Andrea Paquette – President of SFS Talks Mental Health
91.3 The Zone – Public Service Ad Starring: Kelsey Johansen, Former co-facilitator of the Teens2Twenties Support Group
People's First Radio - Andrea Paquette Greeting Card Clip Christmas 2015
CKNW Radio - 2015 Courage To Come Back - Mental Health Profile - Andrea Paquette
CFAX 1070 - Café Victoria with Bruce Williams: Clara’s Big Ride
CBC Vancouver Early Edition - Bell Let’s Talk Day 2017
CFAX 1070 - Andrea Paquette, Executive Director of BDSBC, and Jamie Van Gessell, Member of T2T Support Group
CFAX Breakfast BUZZ - Al Ferraby with Andrea Paquette, Executive-Director
CHLY 101.7 FM - Bipolar Babe Interview: with Nancy McInnes
CBC - Book Hidden Lives with Author Andrea Paquette and Lenore Rowntree
CFAX 1070 - Andrea Paquette Wins the CFAX Mel Cooper Citizen of the Year Award
KOOL FM - Bell Let's Talk Day with Andrea Paquette
People First Radio - Interview with Bipolar Babe

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