Get trained to be a Rural Peer Support Group Facilitator and Support your Community!

Get trained to be a Rural Peer Support Group Facilitator and Support your Community!

Stigma-Free Society in partnership with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH are going to be hosting Peer Support Facilitator Trainings in the upcoming months as part of its Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit

Peer support is a way for individuals with a similar background to connect with each other and ensure that they are taking care of themselves on their specific needs and experiences. Peer support workers are trained on how to work with individuals with lived experiences that are reflective of their own and support from a place of empathy and understanding. This program is designed to truly empower both the support worker and the individual seeking support, as they work together, sharing experiences and developing wellness-related skills. 

The Stigma-Free Society is offering Peer Support Facilitator Training sessions four times a year, providing the opportunity for individuals to become certified peer support workers. Participants will be trained to become leaders of peer support groups in their community. Each training is tailored to support specific groups such as farmers, Indigenous leaders, rural youth and more. The training will be offered in partnership with Robyn Priest LIVE YOUR TRUTH, a remarkable organization that is currently offering online peer facilitator training for individuals and families. 

The first Peer Support Facilitator Training session will be a tailored training for Rural Women Entrepreneurs. Working as an entrepreneur in a rural area can often feel isolating, and many individuals struggle with a lack of support, which can lead to anxiety and burnout. No one understands the life and struggles of women living and working as entrepreneurs in rural communities better than those who have that shared experience. These unique challenges are best supported by those who have been through similar things and can empathize from a place of deep understanding.

In this training, Rural Women Entrepreneurs will gain an understanding of peer support fundamentals and learn how to apply them effectively when supporting their peers facing similar challenges. They will also learn how to effectively communicate and share personal experiences to enhance interactions as a peer supporter and support group facilitator. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of self-care and how to apply this practice in their lives. Finally, and most importantly, individuals will learn how to become great peer support facilitators! This work is extremely rewarding and can lead to so many amazing opportunities for trainees.

Individuals who participate in this training will be able to apply the skills they learn to do work that is nourishing and steeped with care and empathy.

The Peer Support Facilitator Training for Rural Women Entrepreneurs will be a 2-day virtual course taking place on

July 21st and 28th , 2021, from 9AM PST – 5PM PST (with breaks).

Registration is by Donation to the Stigma-Free Society.

To register for this remarkable program, or a future training, please click HERE to visit our peer support landing page.


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