Don’t Miss the Stigma-Free Silent Auction! Open Until May 9th

Don't Miss the Stigma-Free Silent Auction! Open Until May 9th

We’ve Added to the Fundraiser!

The Stigma-Free Society’s Hope and Help Fundraiser for Mental Health has a new silent auction component!

The Stigma-Free Society is excited to announce the Mini Silent Auction as part of our Hope and Help Fundraiser for Mental Health! Mental health is such an important cause to be supporting, now more than ever. We need your help to grow and expand our initiatives that tackle mental health stigma, and stigma in all forms!

The fundraiser now has 3 components:

The Stigma-Free Stories Premiere Documentary (BUY TICKETS HERE),

The Live Stream Stigma-Free Marathon (DONATE HERE), and now the Mini Silent Auction!

The silent auction, which began on April 29th 2021 and ends May 9th 2021 at midnight, provides you the opportunity to bid on auction items from local BC vendors! All of the proceeds of this auction will go towards our impacting mental health initiatives and resources.

Some of the amazing auction items include: 

  • A $100 Gift Certificate to Robyn Constantia Designs
  • A $50 Gift Certificate to Good Omen
  • A $75 Gift Certificate to Luna Collective


Supporting this fundraiser will go directly to contributing to:

  • Program Development
  • Program Delivery
  • Helping our Charity adapt through this difficult time of COVID-19 and allow us to continue offering valuable educational mental health resources
  • Marketing and promotion of our programs by expanding the reach of the program.
  • Supporting our Stigma-Free Society staff financially
  • Engaging experts on mental health and education to enhance our programs

The programs you will be directly supporting include our Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit, Student Mental Health Toolkit and Virtual Stigma-Free Schools Program! Through your generous donation, we will be able to expand these resources and their reach in supporting the mental health and well-being of more people than ever!

Starting April 29th, join us for our Mini Silent Auction! And don’t forget to check out the other components of the Hope and Help Fundraiser for Mental Health!

Happy Bidding and Thank You to our Sponsors!


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