Stigma Free Society's Program Delivery & Covid-19

The Stigma-Free Society is a registered Canadian Charity that is incorporated in British Columbia and is upheld by its vision, mission and values.

The Society adheres to the Societies Act in British Columbia.

VISION: A world free of stigma where all people embrace acceptance and understanding of one another.

MISSION: To offer educational tools & leadership which foster awareness of stigma, providing pathways to change.

VALUES: Be Inclusive – Be Respectful – Be Inspiring – Be The Solution

Term of Membership: A Member’s term of membership commences on the date the Member is admitted into membership in the Society and expires at the close of the first annual General Meeting following the Member’s admission into membership.

Transferability of Membership: Membership in the Society is non-transferable.

Duties of Members Conditions of Membership: Every Member shall, at all times, uphold the Constitution and comply with the Bylaws and all policies of the Society adopted by the Board.

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