Valleys – A Poem by Bipolar Babe

Valleys - A Poem by Bipolar Babe

bipolar babe
As we travel in the boundless land of life,
We carry our baggage of sorrow, regret and strife.
We ask the ‘what ifs’ and lay in the valleys of doubt,
Allowing ourselves to feel turned inside out.

We look back at our shadow that taunts,
It paints ugliness and weakness – it haunts.
We can reach the top of the mountain and bask in the light,
We need to realize our shadows are not something to fight.

To wallow in shame will only bring regret,
Constant reminders are things we should forget.
My demons have chased me to a valley of peace,
And their taunting seems to have finally ceased.

I suppose I write this for I am a lot like you,
I have been shaken by the darkness too.
There is nothing your shadow could ever confess,
For you deserve never-ending happiness.

Turmoil in our souls urge us to grow like a flower,
And in our fragility, we fail to realize our power.
We have the choice to be a rose or a weed,
And sometimes the darkness is just what we need.


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