“Teens2Twenties” Bipolar Babe Peer Support Group

"Teens2Twenties" Bipolar Babe Peer Support Group

Last night I held the first ‘Teens2Twenties’ Bipolar Babe Peer Support Group in my home.  A support/theraputic group works best with 5-6 people and I had the perfect number including me-6.  It was amusing because as one started e-mailing to cancel then so did three in total.  Two of my good pals, I call them this even though I don’t know them that well, and I were thrilled as this group is ground breaking for our Bipolar Disorder Society of BC.  We have recently received a small grant from the Vancouver Foundation to put this group on at the University of Victoria in the late fall or winter and this group of new friends at my home is just the beginning of something awesome.  I just know it!  It was hilarious how we reminisced about our manic stories and how they played out in our lives and shared about the times that were not so amusing.  Overall, we were ourselves and the mood of the group was uplifting and positive.  There is something quite meaningful in being a facilitator for a group and what that means to me personally.  It is a wonderful feeling that I can contribute to the well being of another person and create an environment that is both inspiring and healing.  I believe people who participate in such support groups to be very brave as they are willing to put their whole heart out there, which is something most of us don’t do in our day to day lives.

Cheers to the ‘Teens2Twenties’ and to many more sessions!  🙂


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