I have learned a lesson this week.  Sometimes in life you just have to forgive.   Due to circumstances in my life, I truly understand something that I never did before.  I have been betrayed many times as many of us have been, but I admit that I have also done the same to others.   My friend told me that we all make terrible mistakes at times and the simplest line rang true for me yesterday ‘we are all human’.  The most difficult part is doing the forgiving and truly being able to rise above the hurt and the pain.  I had a recent experience where I was deeply hurt by someone that I love and it made me realize that I need to let go of certain things and understand that the humanity in all of us needs to rise above the mistakes.  Anger and disdain can eat at your soul and there is no worth in allowing such pain to ache and harm you.  For if one is able to forgive, then they can live freely, not held down by the thorns of pain and regret.  It is ironic how at times the hurt can bring you closer to that person and you appreciate them in a new light, knowing that like you, they are only human too. 🙂 Andrea XO


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