Can't be Serious all the Time – Smoothie and the Couch!

She is already copywritten so she just stopped by to say HEY!!!
She is already copywritten so she just stopped by to say HEY!!!

I can’t believe what I just did!  I was sitting on the couch balancing my strawberry and banana smoothie on my belly as I chatted to my sister via phone and WHAM! …all to the side of me and down the inside of my leather couch!!  OMG!!!  Don’t worry I survived it!  lol Well today I operated on 4 hours sleep, finally slumbered at 6:30AM, it was definitely the bipolar.  I have been worrying about my ma again, she is in ‘lock up’ in the psych ward in Kamloops.  The lock up is the area where you have locks on your doors to keep you safe at night and you are not allowed to leave the hospital.  It is not as scary as it sounds.  My step-father called me last night and he was super depressed and bummed out.  I have never heard him sound so …depressed.  I went to bed around 12AM with thoughts racing through my mind and I concluded that getting my car this August is not as important as seeing mom this weekend.  I know $ will always come around to me somehow and frankly family is extremely important to me.  Westjet ain’t cheap, but heck it will be awesome to see mom’s face when I show up to bring her a smile.  I told daddio I would be there this Friday and I will come home Tuesday.  Things are a little rough in other parts of my life with love etc. but it is all a learning experience.  I would much rather feel anything than nothing at all!  I remember there were times when I could barely taste my food and getting out of the shower was a significant task accomplished for the day.  😛  It ain’t so bad, I trust in my higher power and really believe that all things have a way of harmoniously intertwining to weave into something great.  There are sometimes hurdles along the way, this is definitely one of them.  HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!


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