Bipolar Babe Benefit – I am grateful 4 all of you!

Bipolar Babe Benefit - I am grateful 4 all of you!

As I sit here I realize I am in total awe with the amount of amazing people I have met and worked with during this fundraiser.  As I have been leading up the organization of the benefit I have come into contact with many wonderful people.  I am inspired, especially for those that purchased 50 youth sponsorships to ensure that our teens are at this event learning about mental illness and will no doubt be inspired by their peers and what life has to offer. The Bipolar Babe Project is about educating our youth, the next generation that will live without shame because they experience mental distress as they are part of a large movement that spells open communication and acceptance about mental illness.  Being frank and care free about having a mental illness is quite empowering and many of us desire to share that way of being with others, so they feel at ease with themselves and realize it is not such a curse at times. At our benefit we have eight artists that are gifted with great talent and we all know that really there is somehow a connection between art and mental 'illness'.  I told my nephew about this component of the show and he said 'Auntie, aren't all artists somewhat mentally ill anyway?' I then realized how silly it is to say it is an illness…then I remember my mother who is catatonic at times and unable to be released from the hospital because she can't care for herself.  Then I think 'It is an illness and quite terrible at times.' At the Babe project we do not want one person to suffer in silence ever again for all of our voices ought to be heard, especially when we need help.  It is a strong act to reach for help and to give it.  We will lead you on your way in the community and together we weave a security net that will catch you when you fall.  Stigma will cease to exist and eventually during the discussion of mental illness we will say 'Stigma?  What does that mean?' Much love, Andrea AKA Bipolar Babe


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