Babe Being Published in an Anthology

Babe Being Published in an Anthology

Well, the title says it all!  It is not my own book just yet but it is definitely a small contribution to the world to an anthology titled "Side-Effects".  I was approached over a year and a half ago by a woman named Lenore.  She was holding a call for submissions on a website, asking for writers to be part of an anthology – a book that showcased the stories of people who live with a mental illness.  They were particularly interested in those living well with mental illness and she asked me to contribute.  I was excited to say the least!  Some time had past and Lenore told us that they were going to be searching for a publisher and we needed to finish up our pieces.  I had 80 pages already tucked away that I had been writing for quite some time before and thought that I could use some of that material but instead I became extremely inspired and wrote the piece furiously in one day. 

Quite some time had passed, possibly 8 months, and just the other day Lenore informed the writers that the anthology is to be published by Brindle and Glass Publishing.  How exciting!  I wanted to share a piece of the excerpt with you, so hope you like it.

"Having bipolar disorder means I have floated so high I literally see the stars below me in a breathtaking gaze above the earth. And in the next heartbeat, I see the devil’s face dance and laugh at me during a torrid and insane psychosis. It feels as real as breathing air into my lungs, and as natural as opening my eyes when I wake in the morning. Bipolar affective disorder has brought me to my knees, made me lose all ability to prepare a meal. And even when I do, I am unable to taste my food. ALL things become stale and bland. Taking a shower is as difficult as building an entire house. I become disabled and confined to my bed for days at a time.  However, bipolar illness has made me laugh harder, feel deeper and at times made my thoughts flow in perfect harmony, allowing my creative juices to boil for poetry, art and writing. Although my hands shake and I depend on medication to function, I see bipolar disorder as my cursed gift. It has brought me to open a space, a place where others can heal and share their story, and for this I am grateful."


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