A New Chapter…

Life gets intriguing when a page turns and a new chapter begins.  I recently found out that I was successful for a temporary appointment working in mental health as a Project Manager and I start next week!  It feels seamless, as if this is exactly what is supposed to take place next in my book.   At times I find myself feeling 'guilty' as I flip through joyous pages, as if I do not deserve to be this happy.  I guess when I see so many unhappy in the world, I often wonder why I get the blessing of being content?  I am finally beginning to understand that I can enjoy my happiness and instead of being guilty I can herald those feelings into being grateful. I have been going through some significant life events and changes, and I notice that my moods are stable and I am not skyrocketing on an emotional roller coaster.  Although I cannot control what I am going to feel, I can quite often determine how I am going to react to the situations that arise in my life.  I have noticed that as time has changed things, so have my choices.  I don't believe that we are simply rats in a maze but our choices have a profound effect on our life's path; however, I am remain cognizant that not all things are in my control and certain events are cast for us to take part regardless of our desire to deny them.  I often wonder where my life would have led without the diagnosis.  Would I be taking on this great leap in the mental health area in my career?  Would I have chosen to specialize in mental health for my Masters program?  Would I even be the person I am today possessing the same hopes?  Dreams?  Would Bipolar Babe even exist?  No matter my path I am assured that within darkness, loneliness, or despair there is a long-term plan that I am not always aware of and I remind myself not to get too caught up in the events of the present and realize there is always a bigger picture.  On a lighter note!  I have big plans for Bipolar Babe which includes a fundraiser in the Fall, an awesome event that you won't want to miss!  I am excited to share with you what has been happening and how I intend to grow the project.  I also want to thank you for your support.  *HUGS


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