A Glimpse into the Babe World

A Glimpse into the Babe World

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by the babe site.  There are several developments that are taking place and I thought we should share them with you.  Not sure if you noticed but our babe website has been getting a little stale and we thought it was time to spice it up.  Danielle, an amazing friend and designer/developer and ownerof Polarity Web has committed to finishing our new website around the end of February.  I am so excited and there will be a big blitz to get the word out and we need your help!  Simply e-mail your distribution list and say why you support the babe cause! We also launched our 'Teens2Twenties' group last night and we spent an hour and a half talking about our experiences.  It is not work facilitating the group but feels more like therapy. 

The group totals 10 including me and we have an hour and a half to spend with each other and everyone seemed to agree that this time simply flew by!  Every one of them committed to coming back next week with a book in their hand called 'Facing Bipolar: the Young Adults' Guide to Dealing with bipolar disorder."  It is an excellent resource and I am so grateful for Dr. Federman and Dr. Thomson Jr. How have I been?  OK.  Making it to work is still difficult but I have been doing better lately but making it there in the mornings the majority of the time.  I am going through a medication adjustment and I am fearful that I will start to feel ill at work. 

It is so difficult to explain to people abuot what I am going through and what it means exactly to have a 'reaction' to my medication.  Sometimes it means I just have to leave because I will be experiencing side-effects, and when I have to leave it means right now.  We have a full day workshop coming up with the branch and I hope that I can make it through.  I know that if I push myself too hard then I just get sicker.  I will have to be careful that I just don't push too hard. Much love to all and goodnight for now, Andrea


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